We are pleased to offer a Kosher food service to students in Kosice. 

Please use the form below to place your order.  We will respond as soon as possible and let you know when to expect your delivery. 

We will try our best to accommodate any special orders that are not on the list.  Please put additional items in the box below.

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        pickles brine.jpg    Can of Israeli Pickles in brine                    3.00 EUR

     green olived pitted.jpg       Can of Israeli Olives                                  3.00 EUR

        eggplant.jpg        Roasted Eggplant Puree (Jar - 530g)           3.00 EUR

       pickled vegetables.jpg   Mixed Pickled Vegetables (Jar - 560g)      3.00 EUR

       tahini.jpg         Techina (500g)                                  3.00 EUR

       green peppers.jpg       Hot Green Peppers (550g)                      3.00 EUR

       red peppers.jpg      Roasted Red Peppers in Brine (540g)        3.00 EUR

      Achva_-_Fingers_Pistachio.jpg Achva Halva Fingers - Pistachio (7 pieces)   3.00 EUR

        chocolate spread.jpg           Elite Chocolate Spread (500g)                   3.00 EUR

        Tahini chocolate.jpg          Techina Spread with Chocolate (400g)       3.00 EUR

         tahini silan.jpg      Techina Spread with Silan (400g)                3.00 EUR



           Kedem Concord Grape-500x500.JPG         Kedem Concord Grape (12%)   7.00 EUR (5 EUR students)

          grape juice.jpg       Kedem Grape Juice                  7.00 EUR  (5 EUR students)

          bartenura-moscato.jpg       Bartenura Moscato                     7.00 EUR (5 EUR students)

         rashi_moscato__65753.1360175033.jpg       Rashi Moscato D'asti                    7.00 EUR (5 EUR students)

          pinot.jpg      Bartenura Pinot Grigio                  7.00 EUR (5 EUR students)

          royale chardonnay.jpg     Royale Chardonnay                        7.00 EUR (5 EUR students)

          merlot baron herzog.jpg      Baron Herzog Merlot                     7.00 EUR (5 EUR students)

          cabernet sauvignon.jpg    Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon 7.00 EUR (5 EUR students)

          royale merlot.jpg     Royale Merlot                                  7.00 EUR (5 EUR students)


kg     Chicken bottoms (leg & thigh)                            6.00 EUR/kg

kg    Chicken Bones                                                    2.50 EUR/kg

kg    Chicken Shnitzel                                                  7.00 EUR/kg

kg    Pargiyot                                                                7.50 EUR/kg

You may request additional items below, and we will do our best to try and accommodate you: